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Welcome to The Hope

A friendly community pub that prides itself on conversation and good real ale.

Events 2014



4th January 2014 Carshalton JACK FROST

9pm at The Hope

30th Jan -1st Feb 2014 Cider & Cheese Fest - 6pm Thurs - 11pm Sat
27th Feb -1st March 2014 The Lion Sleeps Beer Fest
17th March 2014 St Patrick's Day
27th - 29th March 2014 The Lion & The Lamb Beer Fest
23rd April 2014 St George's Day Celebrations
24th April 2014 International Pubcat Day
24th - 26th April 2014 Pubcat Presents Beer Fest
22nd - 24th May 2014 SG48 Beer Fest
8pm 21st June 2014 Summer Solstice & other celebrations
26th - 28th June 2014 June 14 Beer Fest
19th July 2014 Carshalton Irrelevant Games, Carshalton near to the Ponds
21st July 2014? East Surrey Morris Men From 8.30pm
24th - 26th July 2014 Summer Breeze Beer Fest
11th August 2014 London Showcase, London Beers not at GBBF
6th Sept 2014 Carshalton Straw Jack
FRIDAY 19th Sept 2014 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day'
25th - 27th Sept 2014 'Stay Puft' Beer Fest
16th - 18th October 2014 Wallington Real Ale & Cider Festival

Croydon & Sutton CAMRA

31st October 2014 Pubcat presents The Zoo. (Halloween)
30th October - 1st Nov 2014 Never mind the....Fest
5th Nov 2014 Guy Fawkes Night
Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th Nov 2014 DARKBEER RISES Fest
21st December 2014 Winter Solstice celebrations
24th December Xmas Eve 2014 12-6, then 7.30-12.00 (Ticket Required)
31st December New Year's Eve 2014 12-6, then 7.30-??.00 (Ticket Required)

Monthly events

We hold some events every month



1st Wednesday eve of each month Green Drinks

By EcoLocal - Green Drinks

2nd Wednesday eve of each month Live Acoustic Music Jam Session

Beginners, old & new players welcome. Popular Folk plus more played.

3rd Wednesday eve of each month A Rest!

List of the years forthcoming events, including Music, Beer festivals, Hog Roasts, Traditional and modern celebrations plus more, will be listed here as soon as we have them.

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