The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

Black Number One

Dark Ales Festival  28-30 Nov 2013 Beer List

Extraordinary! You may wish to arrange 2 visits :)


Welcome to the Hope's black beer festival. It is our great pleasure to (hopefully) give you quite a unique experience with this selection of beers. We have been aging some of these beers in our cellar since the beginning of the year. Traditionally porters and stouts brewed to export strengths would be aged for many months, often due to long sea voyages. The current brewing renaissance is seeing many micro breweries recreating and developing these strong classic beer styles but it has to be noted that a number of new beer houses are forgetting the all import aging process. Unlike hops, where you should drink them fresh, complex malts needs to time to mature. So enjoy these beers and remember third and half pint measures are available!


Tillingbourne 'Black Troll' 3.7%

A black bitter packed full of hops delivering a subtle roasted malt flavour.

Kissingate 'Black Cherry Mild' 4.2%

A multi award winning traditional mild brewed with fresh black cherries (no concentrate) tart sharp fruit flavours balance the roasted back bone of the beer.

Summer Wine 'Barista Espresso Stout' 4.8%

A slightly sweet stout brewed with the addition of Arabica coffee beans at the end of the boil to impart a dry espresso finish to balance the complex grain bill.

Gadd 'Dark Conspiracy' 4.9%

Rich and smooth US style porter combining English, German and Belgian malts matched against a hearty dose of US hops.

Red Willow 'Heartless' 4.9%

A chocolate stout which is all heart! It has been brewed with 85% Cacoa single origin Columbian chocolate. This really adds a drinkable dryness to this complex stout.

Arbor 'Roll Your Bones' 5%

A traditional oatmeal stout that has been maturing for the three months in the Hope cellar. The oats give the beer a thick and silky mouth feel while the other malts impart flavours of chocolate and liquorice. 

Island Ales 'Rum RDA' 5%

RDA a rich dark ale from the Island of White, this is a very popular beer at the pub and this version is a one off with a generous addition of dark rum in the cask for this festival.

Kissingate 'Microlot Coffee Porter' 5%

The Hope's collaboration with the Sussex brewery. A specially imported strain of coffee was made into a tea and then added to the cask to add flavour during the secondary fermentation. 

HopCraft 'Ta Moko BIPA' 5.5%

An extreme hop forward black IPA from the new Welsh brewery. A big hop bill of Summit, Herkules, Dr Rudi, Waimea, Topaz and Sorachi Ace. A dry and roasted back bone with lots of oily new world citrus hop aroma!

Dark Star 'Victorian Ruby Mild' 6%

This traditional mild was brewed mid April and has been maturing in the Hope cellar since May. Very lightly hopped and full of chocolate and liquorice flavours from the complex grain bill.

Thornbridge 'St Petersburg' 7.4%

This Russian imperial stout has been in the Hope cellar for about a year. Rich with a slight peatiness and lots of flavours of Molasses, liquorice and chocolate.

Bristol Beer Factory  'Ultimate Stout' 7.5%

This stout was brewed the 16th of March and has been in the Hope cellar since May. This beer usually only brewed for bottle is full of complex dark malts and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain.

Brodies Superior 'London Porter' 7.5%

This is a genuine London porter, brewed with East London Water. This beer was brewed at the beginning of the year and has been in our cellar since February. A fairly dry porter with lots of smokey chocolate flavours.

Downton 'Roman Imperial Stout' 9%

This is most likely the most mature beer on sale, originally brewed way over a year ago. It was inspired by the brewers Italian family, it is a silky smooth and rich stout which is balanced by a plentiful supply of powerful resinous hops.

Brodies 'Mocha' 9%

IIn the Hope cellar since January. This is the ultimate breakfast beer, brewed with coffee, oats and chocolate to give you everything you need to start your day.

Arbor/Moor 'Double Dark Alliance' 9.2%

In the Hope cellar since June. This is an imperial coffee porter brewed in collaboration with Moor brewery in Somerset. 

Siren Craft 'Oi Zeus' 13%

This beer will be available through hand pump in the bar. It is a monster stout packed with liquorice root and all the the flavours of English fudge have been enhanced with hot chilli, vanilla and cinnamon. Just in case the beer doesn't pack enough punch it has spent some time in a Jim Beam barrel so expect complex oak and spirit notes. Only a short supply of this one so don't miss it.


Siren Craft Half Mast 2.8% - IN THE BAR
The perfect thirst quencher and pallet cleanser. Lots of hops and body in this quarter IPA.

Magic Rock Circus of Sour 3.5% - IN THE BAR
A very light sour ale. Refreshing carbonation match the tart sour flavour.

Siren Craft/Omnipollo 6.4% 'Nacken'
This collaboration brew is a modern take on the classic German hopfenweizen. Cloudy yellow in appearance with lots of clove and banana notes from the yeast but with the addition of extra hops...and then a few more hops.

Burning Sky 'Saison a la provision' 6.5%
An exciting new brewery from Mark Tranter (ex Dark Star head brewer) has released this seasonal saison with the addition of Brett and Lambicus wild yeasts to impart slightly sour and fruity notes.

Arbor/Brewdog Bristol Pirate Badger Attacks 7.2%
A great big brown coconut ipa.

Inspired by Peter Steele RIP