The Hope Carshalton - Maiden Voyage Beer List

The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"White Rabbit"  Thursday 28 March Noon - Sat 30th March 11pm 2013

Welcome to the Hope's White Rabbit beer festival. Beers from across the country from the finest micro breweries in the world. This is a selection of the more extreme beer styles the UK beer scene has to offer. A thank you to Redemption for our festival special and please try a key keg beer! As usual all beers also available in 1/3rd pint measurements. Try everything and enjoy! 

Howling Hops 'Pale Ale Number 4' 3.8%

Heavely hopped session pale ale featuring Simcoe, Citra and Mosiac. Dry hopped. Tropical fruit aroma, dry finish. This beer will have a hop haze.

Arbor  'Hoptical Delusion VI'   3.8%

Golden coloured session ale. Packed full with three new world hop varieties. Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and Columbus. Citrus flavours on the nose and palate with a dry, bitter finish.

Crouch Vale 'Citra' 3.9%

Refreshing zesty aromas top off a pale, light biscuity body. Sweetness and bitterness combine in a hugely satisfying session beer.

Single hopped pale ale. Citra hops gives a grassy/grapefruity aroma and leaves a refreshing bitter finish.

Redemption 'Kazback' 4%

A light ale brewed with a new hop originating from Eastern Europe. Grassy and lime aromas on top of a solid malt base.

Howling Hops 'English Light Ale' 4.2%

Straw coloured English pale bitter brewed with North Downs and Challenger hops. Dry hopped in cask with the U.S. hop Williamette which is the UK Fuggle hop grown in the U.S.

Buxton 'U.S. Rye' 4.3%

Amber ale, brewed with a complex mash of Marris Otter pale malt, Rye, Caramalt and Wheat. U.S. hops provide a delightful marmalade/citrus bitterness, well balanced by the sweetness of the malt,

Crouch Vale 'Riwaka' 4.3%

Made with super, aromatic hops of the same name from the South Island, New Zealand. Powerful citrussy grapefruit aromas and a golden amber colour.

Brodies 'London Lager' 4.5%

Brewed with a Pilsner yeast, lagered for 3 weeks and dry hopped massively with Simcoe.

Raw 'Elements' 4.6%

light ruby/red ale brewed with dark crystal and munich malts giving it a slight toffee malt flavour. Finished off with Citra hops giving it a tropical fruit bitterness. 

Arbor 'Newmexicanus' 4.9%

An amber ale brewed with 'Newmexicanus' hops which is official name for a variety of wild hops that grow in the states.

Buxton 'Dark Nights' 5%

A porter. Very dark chestnut brown, with a billowing cappucino head. It has aromas of forest fruits and a biscuity, malty body. 

Redemption 'Carshalton Pacific Brown' 5.2% 

A special new world brown ale special for The Hope's easter beer festival. Dry hopped in cask with Nelson Sauvin.

A festival special for the hope.


Siren 'Liquid Mistress' 5.8%

A highly hopped red ale. Biscuit and burnt malt base with a peach and grapefruit spark from the dry hopping. 

Siren 'Broken Dream' 6.5%

A black stout brewed with oats and coffee for that early morning kick start ;)

Brodie's 'Salt Caramel Brown' 6.5%

A big brown ale, well hopped and brewed with salted Caramel to compliment the malt back bone.

Marble 'Chocolate Dubbel' 8.5%

A very special beer as it was put into cask over 12 months ago. Big, rich black Belgian style beer. Chocolate malts produce a wort that is fermented with Westmalle yeast and are complimented with Marble's signature love of quality hops.


Alpha State 'Pale Ale' 5.6%

A new experimental brewery based in Kent from brewmaster John Queally. A classic pale ale brewed with the hop variety Mosiac. Small batch run and brewed with 20kg of hops per 4 brewers barrels probably makes this one of the hoppiest beers on the planet.

Magic Rock 'Dancing Bear' 6.2%

A modern take on a classic Bavarian pilsner. Soft malt body balanced with German hops including a new variety. In the contemporary magic rock style this beer has been dry hopped.  


Arbor 'Goo Goo G'Joob' Mk2 11%

A classic Russian imperial stout. Full of dark, roasted malt flavour with subtle addition of maple syrup to add a warming rich complexity.

The Hope