The Hope Carshalton - Maiden Voyage Beer List

The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Born to be Mild"  Thursday 23rd May Noon - Sat 25th May 11pm 2013

Welcome to the Hope's May beer festival for 2013. There are 6 Milds, 10 "Others" and 1 Cider in the marquee, plus 7 Beers on handpump, 3 KeyKegs and 3 Cider/Perries in the bar.

The Casks are......

Bingham 'Smiled' 3.4%  M
Dark Smoked Mild, brewed with beech smoked malt and other dark malts to create a delicious dark smoked brew.

Arbor 'Inferiority Complex' 3.4% 
A dark mild or a miniature Black IPA, hoppy? you decide.

Windsor & Eton 'Bostin' Mild' 3.5%
Traditional northern style dark mild. Black, rich, nutty and sessionable.

Ilkley 'Black' 3.7%

Blend of 5 malts used in the mash give a smooth, mellow easy to drink malt flavour with a hint of liquorices in the finish.

Salopian 'Divine Comedy' 3.9%
A contemporary twist on a mild, a dark opulence with a soft bitterness and toasty malts that delves into an ethereal crescendo of passion fruit, citrus and pine.

Otley 'Columbo' 4%
A pale hoppy beer packed with American Columbus hops - very bitter and thirst quenching with a satisfying herbal finish and massive aromas.

Siren 'Undercurrent' 4.5%
Pale ale with spicy, grassy aromas and a taste of grapefruit and apricot. Hops: Palisade & Cascade

Whitstable 'Winkle Picker' 4.5%
An amber-coloured best bitter with an orange pomander aroma and a smooth, predominantly malty flavour.

Bristol Beer Factory 'Independence' 4.6%
A big 60 minute hopped american pale ale. Dry hopped for added hop aroma.

Salopian 'Requiem' 4.7%
A crisp dry, dark fruity ale, with hints of chocolate, dark malts and a long refined finish with a crescendo of hops.

Dark Star 'Genesis' 4.7% M
A blend of a pale bitter created with late citrusy hops and a black beer made from robust dark malts, make for a blend that’s Mild in style.

Clarence & Fredericks 'Strong Mild' 4.7%
A traditional strong mild from one the pub's most local brewers.

Red Willow 'Heartless' 4.9%
A bold and complex 85% cacao single origin colombian chocolate infused stout which provides a dry balanced bitterness and a long espresso finish

Fyne 'Bell Rock IPA' 5.5%
A pale ale full of new world hops giving a sturdy bitterness balanced with citrus aromas. Hops: Motueka & Palisade.

Gadd's 'Black Pearl' 6.5%

Roasted barely, malted oats and locally grown fuggle hops combine to create a luscious, bible-black stout.

FFF 'Gilbert White' 6%

A beer style from the 18th century. A smoked golden ale brewed with fine noble hops and smoked barley.

The Cider is

Wilkins Dry Somerset Cider 6.5%

A classic cider from the Wedmore flats. Has won more prizes than anyone can remember :)

and the KeyKegs are.......

Brodies 'Hoxton Special IPA'

Magic Rock 'Human Cannonball'

Alpha State 'DunkelWeiss'

The Hope