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Evil Keg Filth & Cider Festival

29 Feb - 01 Mar 2024

Kegs in Marquee

BARON ‘Side Eye’ 4.8%
Pale Ale. The smallest of small breweries, and one of the finest to emerge over the last year. We kick things off with this belter of a West Coast pale, one that absolutely nails all the key components: crystal clear to the eye, evergreen forest on the nose, big citrus hit up front, morphing beautifully to resin further back, a perfectly pithy bitterness to finish.

GAMMA ‘Heat Map’ 5.0%
Pale Ale. There might be more famous breweries from Denmark, but few match the consistent brilliance of Gamma. This may be “just” a hazy pale, but it is a fantastic one at that. Stone fruit aplenty, that hint of residual sweetness bringing to mind mango and papaya, complete with that freshness that slips down oh so easily.

Ä€RPUS ‘TDH Riwaka DIPA’ 8.0%
Double IPA. Folks here might have taken a huge shine to these Latvian’s sours, but they do so much more, and equally spectacularly. This is satisfyingly scrumptious, huge plumes of passion fruit and peach and melon are swept along upon the softest of bases, a pillowy mouthfeel that feels regally luxurious. All those flavours linger on the palate for an eternity, every sip a marvel to behold.

ALVINNE ‘Phi Braambes’ 8.0%
Sour. Now this is a naughty little treat for us all. A Belgian brewery too often overlooked, it is beers like this that make us wonder why. Taking the spectacular Phi as its base (fermented out with their house yeast strain, Morpheus), the addition of blackberries instantly transports us into the remotest pastures of the countryside on a wonderfully sunny afternoon. Wild in every sense of the word, we bet a few sour haters will be converted by this one.

INDIE RABBLE ‘Darkside Of The Frozen Moon’ 6.6%
Dark Lager. Let's raise a glass to the lesser-spotted dark lager, as the latest residents of Windsor grace us with a timely reminder of why we should have it more often. Fusing the light, quaffable crispness of its lager half with the smooth, chocolatey depth of its dark side, the result is a beer remarkable apt for these blustery, but not entirely chilly, months.

PÕHJALA ‘Õhtu’ 5.5% Contains Lactose
Porter. We might have had their bad boys almost exclusively, but this is a not-so-subtle reminder that our favourite Estonians don't have to reach double digits to produce outstanding beer. Even the aroma makes you sit up and take notice, strong cacao tones promising as much as the taste delivers. Silky in the mouth, here is a Põhjala dark you can have – and want – by the pint.

‘(h)Optimism As A Radical Life Choice’ 10.6%
Smoked Imperial Stout. Probably the last keg in existence of this bonkers five-way collaboration, involving no less than four types of smoked malt and copious amounts of vanilla in a big ol' impy. Surprisingly, the smoke takes a back seat in the smell, before roaring forward once it hits the tongue. Given we have held on to this for over a year, Master Time has worked his magic in maturing this into a superbly rounded beast with nary a hint of a rough edge or an immature flavour. Savour imperiously.

Kegs In Bar    

UNBARRED ‘Sofa Pale’ 3.3%
Pale Ale. We might not have the sofas per se, but I'll wager this lovely wee pale can be enjoyed on just about any of our perches. The very definition of laid-back and easy going, the tropical vibe is strong enough to distract from the seasonal antics of the weather.

FLOC. ‘Subtle Art’ 5.5%
Pale Ale. We are loving the fact that we can now get a lot more beer from Canterbury’s finest, so of course they have made an appearance here. Big green notes from the Simcoe hops are underpinned by hints of kumquat and grapefruit from the Idaho 7: a match made in heaven, executed to perfection in Kent.

IPA. This is a pretty dreamy choice of partners to bring together, and the result is equally top draw. Elements are so very English: floral, earthy tones reminiscent of hikes through bountiful hedgerow mazes. This is followed swiftly by much pithier, sunshine-leaning punches with the refreshing bitterness that demands another sip.

ELUSIVE ‘Double Oregon Trail’ 8.0%
Double IPA. How do you improve on what is probably the greatest West Coast IPA currently brewed in this country? By doubling it! It has all those traits everyone adores about the original, only this time turned up to 11. Think of juicy tangerines, a deeply pleasing dankness, and just enough of a sharp bitter finish to have you racing back for more. Still perfect, still the best.

PASTORE ‘Panna Cotta: Mango, Passion Fruit, Guava’ 5.0%
Sour. A simply sumptuous take on a decadent pudding, from one of the finest sour breweries in the UK today. Finally making their solo debut on our taps, this melds the bright flavours of the titular fruits with a distinct funkiness to create a truly complex taste experience.

BOON ‘Foeder No 32’ 6.5%
Lambic. Aged for two years, this is a unique insight into your favourite gueuze. A rare unblended version using the lambic from a single oak vat, the result is bold, ripe apricots dominating up front, with a bitingly tart aftertaste – simply breath-taking, a must for every sour fan.

VERDANT ‘Burnthouse Coffee’ 5.5%
Porter. A special coffee-infused version of their core cask porter, the smell alone will awaken a small army. Definitely one for the caffeine-fiend in your life. The palate is obviously heavy on the coffee, yet the balance is carefully maintained to ensure that (as long as you are a fan of the black gold) it is not entirely one-dimensional.

KEES ‘Caramel Fudge Stout’ 11.5%
Imperial Stout. Good luck trying to get any of this before Dominic polishes off the keg... A delectable delight, bursting with sweet caramel and rich fudge, this is pretty damn perfect. Remarkably easing drinking given both its strength and profile, it is a beer that can disappear a little too easily if one is not careful.

(By the way, it is pronounced more like “case” than “keys”, so now you know).



All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

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