The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"June Beer Fest "




PENTRICH ‘Hour On Earth’ 3.8%
Pale Ale. As hazy as we have come to expect from Pentrich, with the flavour to boot. Tangerine is the dominant fruit emerging, with hints of white peach adding a new world twist.

SQUAWK ‘Otis’ 3.9%
Pale Ale. It has been awhile since one of Manchester's lesser-known stars have graced our stillage,  so time to rectify that. Otis is the epitome of easy summer drinking as it balances plump oranges with a dash of malty sweetness, rounded off with a refreshing bitterness.

UNBARRED ‘Morale IPA’ 3.9%
Pale Ale. A departure from their modern pursuits, UnBarred have gone as traditional as they can with this. Earthy and floral, these shine upon the strong backbone of this oh-so English pale.

GOOD CHEMISTRY x ARBOR ‘Close Proximity’ 4.0%
Pale Ale. East Bristol unites for a beer that very much takes it cue from the East Coast of the States. Pillowy, yet bursting with lush tropical fruits, a fine testament to good neighbours.

HOWLING HOPS ‘Blankets’ 4.2%
Pale Ale. Strange to think Blankets could be such a fitting name for a beer, yet here we are. Wrap yourself up in this softest of comforters, snuggle in alongside the mango, the peach, and the guava.

MARBLE ‘Oatmeal Pale Ale’ 4.3%
Pale Ale. Here’s to 25 years of Manchester’s finest! The first of many celebratory beers, this oat-heavy pale exudes blood orange and grapefruit over its delectably smooth body. Certainly worth raising a pint or two in honour of brewing royalty.

THORNBRIDGE ‘Hopton’ 4.3%
Pale Ale. Here we are back to the old school, a territory Thornbridge excel at. Like a picnic in a freshly-mown meadow, the palate toys with citrus fruits, fresh bread, and sweet biscuits. The dry, almost woody finish rounds it out nicely.

SIREN ‘Long Beach On The Map’ 4.5%
Pale Ale. A true West Coast pale that is an instant gateway to California. From the deep auburn colour, through the ripe sunshine oranges and lychees, ending up at the biting bitter finish, this ticks every box the style demands.

BLACK IRIS ‘British Summer’ 4.8%
Pale Ale. Thanks to the likes of Olicana here, English single-hopped beers are having a renaissance. Whilst still maintaining the renowned earthy quality, here it is augmented by the likes of strawberry, melon, and lavender.

BY THE HORNS ‘Fabrique Belgique’ 5.2%
Wheat Beer. A rare treat for wit fans, this on cask. Banana and clove esters absolutely fly out of the glass, before the gently warming spice and fresh herbaceousness at the back of the throat completes the party.

BRASS CASTLE ‘Gordon's Alive?’ 5.3% Gluten Free
DDH Pale Ale. Another magical melding of Citra and Mosaic, pithy bitterness and piney resin in perfect harmony. A lingering finish of poached pear goes on and on and on wonderfully.

NORTH RIDING ‘Vanilla Stout’ 5.5%
Stout. The promise (threat?) of the vanilla becoming cloying is counteracted by the toasty roastiness of the malt. Similarly, the vanilla ensures this doesn't become too astringent; a finely poised battle.

ARBOR ‘This Time Next Year Rodney’ 6.0%
Stout. If you cannot resist the thought of a double finger twixt your lips, this caramel chocolate shortbread stout is very much for you. Of course this is sweet, but you’ll feel like a millionaire.

THORNBRIDGE ‘Late Star’ 6.0%
ESB. The beer equivalent of sticking your head in a hedgerow (albeit with less thorns). Beyond the currants and berries, the burnt toffee finish is a pleasing counterpoint to the fruitiness.



Kegs in Marquee


PHANTOM ‘Touching Go’ 4.3%
Pale Ale. Sticky kumquat and strawberry jam give this Aussie-hopped pale a holiday breakfast vibe. Even the pleasingly bitter finish is reminiscent of kicking back with fresh grapefruit slices.

BURNT MILL ‘Five Acre’ 5.5%
New England Pale Ale. We also get to celebrate Burnt Mill's fifth birthday this month, and you are the ones getting gifts. A frankly ludicrous hop profile packs this juicy little number with gooseberry, lime, lychee... The list goes on and on.

DROP PROJECT ‘Shifty Shifty’ 7.0%
DDH NEIPA. We all love Shifty, but how could it be better? Well hello Shifty Shifty. It has the mango & peach from the original, now turned up to 11, joined by elements of pineapple and guava.

SIREN ‘Happy Hour’ 7.0%
Peach Bellini Sour. From the first sniff, there is no mistaking the inspiration. Peachy, certainly, but not overpowering; the lighter white grape vinousness is equally present in a superbly balanced Summer sipper.

BOUNDARY ‘Double Nelson’ 8.0%
Double IPA. A big IPA with an even bigger dose of Nelson Sauvin hops (the best hops? Just maybe...) Yet this remains an elegant and refined beer, offering all those bold New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc flavours - think kiwi, passion fruit, gooseberry, sunshine, laughter.

WANDER BEYOND ‘Opilones’ 12.0%
Imperial Tonka Stout. This is from Wander Beyond, so the tonka is not subtle in this wee beastie. What we have here is a rich, decadent chocolate coffee almond cake in liquid form. A little warmth from the elevated alcohol, but nary a sign of any burn. Another slice, please...

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NEWTOWN PARK ‘A Little Light Therapy’ 3.6%
Pale Ale. A cheeky offering from a new favourite. A touch of lemon sherbet zings with the pineapple nicely, a bright delight – damn sight cheaper that sitting on a fancy couch, too.

POLLY'S ‘Nelson’ 4.8%
Pale Ale. Have I mentioned my love of Nelson Sauvin? Have you noticed our adoration for Polly's? Like walking through the clouds with a punnet of gooseberries, somewhat heavenly. Will not last.

BBNo x SIREN ‘05 India Pale Ale’ 6.2%
IPA. Part 1, the East Coast version. Juicy, fluffy, hazy. Brewed with the same hop profile as the following beer, with this version showcasing what the new age East Coast is all about.

SIREN x BBNo ‘Take Nothing For Granted’ 6.2%
IPA. Part 2, the West Coast version. Resinous, bitter, crystal clear. Brewed with the same hop profile as the previous beer, with this version showcasing what the classic West Coast is all about.

BRASSERIE DUPONT ‘Saison Dupont ’ 6.5%
Saison. The saison by which all saisons are judges. On tap in our pub. Life goal achieved. Simply put, this is an all-time great, and every beer fan needs to try this at least once in their life.

YONDER ‘Summa Puddin'’ 5.5%
Sour. The amount of fruit in this is just ridiculous! Wimbledon can keep its strawberries and cream, this is the only dessert I want for the next three months. The gentle tartness merely increases the quaffable nature of this beauty.

BRICK x NEON RAPTOR ‘Black Light’ 6.0%
Black IPA. A mixed up style, with a mixed up result. The initial hit is pure raisin – namely Sun-Maid raisins. Further in, the pineapple and apricot emerge to create this weird yet wonderful concoction.

BEER HUT ‘Interstellar’ 11.0% Contains Lactose
Imperial Stout. A brand new brewery for us, as we welcome Beer Hut from County Down for the first time. And what an introduction! A bonkers salted caramel impy that has so much depth of flavour, seemingly a keg full of melted stroopwafel. Time to indulge.


Various boxes of joy

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope