The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"Taming of the Brew"

Welcome to the September beer festival and the first with the new beer team, Nick and Blake. We have strived to continue Rowan’s fine legacy with a selection encompassing some of the new styles hitting the beer world this year and a showcase from Weird Beard who have provided some of their stunning cask beers for this festival...     

Current List of beers, notes to follow


ARBOR ‘Piccolina’ 3.2% Table Beer
Light and crisp pale with Arbor’s distinctive creamy hop finish.

HEAVY INDUSTRY ‘Diawl Bach’ 3.8% Golden Ale
Malty body with caramel notes and a bitter hop finish.

REVOLUTIONS ‘Grip’ 3.9% Yorkshire Ale
Well rounded malty beer, a good example of a classic style.

SIREN CRAFT ‘Suspended In Chinook’ 4.0% New England Pale Ale
Opaque. A huge hit of Chinook’s sweet, piny and citrus characteristics.

EAST LONDON BREWERY ‘Calypso’ 4.1%  Single Hop Pale
Lesser known hop variety from Yakima Valley. Tangy grapefruit bitterness from start to finish.

TINY REBEL ‘El Dorado Milkshake’ 4.2% Lacto Pale
Also opaque. Strong peach flavour, the lactose gives a smooth mouthfeel and sweetness.

ARBOR ‘Zero Zero’ 4.3% New England Pale Ale
Session strength. Smooth and mellow tropical fruit flavours, guava dominates with hints of lychee.

ALPHABETA ‘Rauchbier’ 4.3% Smoked Brown Ale
Subtle smokiness over a rich malty backbone. Cherry, blackberry and hazelnut notes.

BLUE MONKEY ‘Raspbeerry’ 4.6% Fruity Amber Ale
Huge raspberry nose that continues throughout the beer. Crisp with a touch of sweetness.

MAD SQUIRREL ‘Aran’ 4.9% Soda Bread Irish Red Ale
Warm, complex malt flavours. Chestnut leading to oak with a yeasty aroma. Waste bread used as part of the malt base.

ISLAND BREWERY ‘Earl’s R.D.A.’ 5.0% Dark Ale
Rich dark ale. Returning to The Hope after an unfortunately extended absence. 10p from every pint goes to Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

The brewery’s seventh anniversary I.P.A. bursting with new world hop flavours. Powerful complex nose, barely preparing you for the bouquet of bitter citrus flavours.


‘MY OWN SUMMER’ 4.8% Double Dry Hopped Pale
A sherbet edge to the intense hop flavours. Lingering bitterness on the tongue. Superb.

‘WEIRD WIRED’ 5.7% Extra Pale Ale
A collaboration with 8 Wired of New Zealand. A lean, balanced pale ale. A blend of English and NZ hops produce a fresh, crisp finish.

‘DUKE OF DANK’ 6.2% Red I.P.A.
Rich malt body with notes of red berries. Chinook, Simcoe and Nugget smash their way through to an interesting hoppy finish.

‘5 O’CLOCK SHADOW’ 7.0% American I.P.A.
A complete I.P.A. nicely rounded with American hops. An initial soft malty sweetness gradually builds into a complex bitter hop climax.

Kegs In Bar

SIREN CRAFT ‘Soundwave Sessions: Tropical Sour’ 4.5% Kettle-soured session I.P.A.
Initial taste is the I.P.A. balance of hop and malt, progressing gradually into the contrasting sweet and sour of tropical fruit.

BURNING SKY ‘New Alliance’ 4.5% Belgian Pale Ale
De La Senne Collaboration. A floral aroma leads you into zesty mouthfeel with the distinctive tang of Belgian yeast.

BURNING SKY ‘Saison Provision’ 6.5% Aged Farmhouse Saison
Brewed with Saison yeast but then secondary fermented with Brett and lactose. Then aged to produce a refreshingly tart but sour beer.

SIREN CRAFT ‘Low Side’ 6.8% American I.P.A.
A massive hit of west-coast American hops, giving a complex fruity aroma and a finish that keeps developing on the tongue with strong grapefruit flavours and hints of mango and vanilla.

FIVE POINTS ‘Baltic Porter’ 8.1%
Sweet smooth coffee, bitter chocolate, sticky toffee and subtle vanilla flavours, all from  a complex base of ten different malts.

WEIRD BEARD ‘Sorachi Faceplant’ 8.1% Single-hop DIPA
There is no escaping the strong bitter flavours of this unique Japanese hop. Fragrant coconut and vanilla dominate, with a resinous sweetness providing balance throughout.

MAGIC ROCK/VERDANT ‘What are the Odds?’ 8.3% Double Dry-Hopped DIPA
Distinctive double I.P.A. sweetness on the nose, followed by an overpoweringly juicy, complex hop assault on the palate.

Kegs Outside

GIPSY HILL ‘Dynamo’ 4.8% Brut Pale Ale
A dry, champagne like mouthfeel. Heavily hopped for a zingy finish.

SIREN CRAFT ‘Much Ado About Muffin’ 5.5% Blueberry Muffin Pale Ale
Collaboration with Lervig. Initial big vanilla flavour followed by a delicate hint of coriander, rounded out with a long, sweet blueberry finish.

Ciders In Marquee

GWYNT-Y-DDRAIG ‘Black Dragon’ 7.2% Medium Cider

SEACIDER ‘Raspberry Ripple’ 4% Sweet Fruit Cider

RICH’S ‘Legbender’ 6% Dry Farmhouse Cider

HARTLANDS ‘Farmhouse Perry’ 5% Sweet Farmhouse Perry

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope