The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"'King Beer"

Thurday 26th July on, Might reach Saturday...

Welcome to our 'King Beer beer festival. We are still building our new loos etc, but there is now enough room for a beer fest!

Here is the basic cask list, descriptions/amendments tomorrow.


DARK REVOLUTION Atomic (3.8% Pale)
GREAT HECK Chopper (3.8% Pale)
XT Hop Kitty (3.9% Pale)
SIREN CRAFT Suspended in Enigma (4.0% Pale)
OAKHAM O.P.A. (4.0% Pale)
ELB Mandarina (4.1% Pale)
OAKHAM American Red Rye (4.2% Red Ale)
TINY REBEL Nelson Milkshake (4.2% Pale)
MAD SQUIRREL Peachy 5th (4.2% Fruity Pale)
LENTON LANE Outpost (4.5% Bitter)
ELB Barbed Wit (4.6% Fruit Saison)
ELEPHANT SCHOOL Mallowphant (4.8% Porter)
TINY REBEL Cherry Bomb (5.0% Fruit Sour)
HOWLING HOPS Chocolate (5.0% Stout)
KENT Tropical (5.0% Strong Pale)
ARBOR Rocketman (6.0% I.P.A.)


KeyKegs In Bar    


All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope