The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR

"As You Like It"

Welcome to our first beer festival of the year. We are still working to make our pub bigger for you but in the mean time here's another beer festival for you to enjoy! Some new brews from some of the UKs finest independent brewers. Third pint measures are available as well as the usual halves and pints so please try everything and enjoy.

Marble 'Table Beer' 3.1%          
Super sessionable pale ale brewed with Motueka, Nelson and Citra hops. Crisp, refreshing and big mouth feel for low abv.

Fyne 'Jarl' 3.8%
Straw coloured with refreshing fruity flavour from Citra hops and a long dry finish.

Siren ' Suspended In Magic' 4%
A session hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with Magic Rock. Cloudy with big new world hop aroma.

Great Heck ' Trafalgar' 4%
A pale ale brewed with American and NZ hops.

Pig and Porter 'Slave to the money' 4.1%
A traditional best bitter. Brown in colour with a malty flavour and bitter finish.

Tiny Rebel 'Dutty' 4.2%
A cloudy pale ale brewed with a New England yeast strain. A soft bitterness with a fruity aroma.

Tiny Rebel 'Citra Milkshake' 4.2%
A hazy lactose pale ale brewed with Citra hops. Fruity flavours and a creamy mouthfeel.

Derventio 'Centurion' 4.3%
Traditional amber coloured best bitter. A malty biscuit flavoured best with dry English hops.

Magic Rock 'Off-Grid' 4.5%
A hoppy Porter collaboration with Fyne ales.

Thornbridge 'Peverel' 4.5%
A single hop Mosaic pale ale. Golden colour with citrusy flavour.

Roosters '24/7' 4.7%
A hoppy session IPA brewed with 4 different hop varieties.

Ricochet 'India Stout' 4.8%
A new stout brewed with extra hops for a dry finish. Unfined. 

Saltaire 'Blackberry Cascade' 4.8%
A pale coloured hoppy ale brewed with cascade hops and the fruit edition of blackberrys.

Summer Wine 'Dakota' 5%
A strong American pale ale. Fruity hop flavours and bitter finish.

Derventio 'Barbarian' 5.5%
A rich, smooth and dark stout with undertones of chocolate and coffee.

Arbor 'Space Hardware' 6.6%
A big hoppy cloudy IPA. A soft and smooth mouth feel with lashings of new world hop flavours. 

KeyKegs In Bar    

Magic Rock 'Micromachine' 2.8%
An extra hoppy session IPA brewed to an extra low strength for the hot weather. 

Magic Rock 'Things you can't Unsee' 4.4%
A modern Yorkshire bitter.

Gipsy Hill 'Mixer' 5%
A pineapple gose. Slightly salty and sour. 

Downlands 'Ninety One' 5.9%
A single hop APA with lots of Citra hops. 

Siren 'Suspended in Space' 6.5%
Hazy IPA with oats, rye, Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Mandarina hops.

Magic Rock 'Neo Cannonball' 9.2%
New England double IPA. 

Siren 'Breakfast Shake' 9.5%
An imperial stout brewed with lactose sugars, coffee and chocolate.


Seacider 'Strawberry' 4% medium/sweet

Seacider 'Raspberry Ripple'  4% medium/sweet (contains almonds)

Gwynt Y Ddraig 'Farmhouse' 5.5% medium 

Hecks 'vintage' 7% dry 

All available in thirds as well as pints and halves. Enjoy.

The Hope